Widen Your Field of View

Components for Image Processing

Development and fabrication of lighting systems for industrial image processing
  • Spots in the practical threaded pipe in M18 und M30
    • Laser Spots and Lines in M18 threaded pipe
  • Line Lights from 6x36 mm² to 15x3960 mm² or 24x1440 mm²
  • Area Lights directed, slightly diffuse, strong diffuse or as Backlight from 25x10 mm² to 400x400 mm² or 90x3000 mm²
  • Coaxial Lights from 30x25 mm² to 150x100 mm²
  • Ring Lights from Ø36 to Ø250
  • Dome Lights from Ø50 to Ø245
  • Tunnel Lights with 115x200 mm² or 450x400 mm²
  • Fluorescent and Plasma Tubes especially for UV-Applications
If standard products can't handle your tasks we will cooperativly develop a lighting concept derived from your requirements. We will test it and build you your made-to-measure product.
Lenses and accessories
  • Standard Lenses (endocentric)
  • Telecentric Lenses
  • Filters (grey, SP, LP, BP, Daylight Blocking , Polarisation, and more)
Special Optics
  • Development of lighting optics for best contrast and reducing image post-processing
  • Design and fabrication of projectors (e.g. 3D projectors)
  • Adaption of imaging optics (macrozoom lenses)
Vision Systems
(CCD/CMOS Cameras and Accessoiries)
  • Use of cost-efficient black/white and colour camera systems
  • Custom combination of cameras and single senors
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