Making The Invisible Visible

Optical Sensor Technology

Layer-Thickness-Measuring-Device MuLaM Series
  • Measuring of transparent Mono- und Multilayerfoils:
    • Mono - Triple-Layer: fully-automated
    • 4-Layers and more: with preconditions
  • works for following materials: PA, PET, PET-A, PET-G, PET-GAG, PP, ...
  • measuring range: 5-400m or 5-1000m
  • accuracy of the determined thickness: 0,2 bis 0,5m depending on signal quality
  • selectivity of thicknesses: <2m
  • minimal refractive index difference: 0,002
  • measuring principle: white light interferometry
LIDCOL (Laser-Induced-Deflection for Characterisation of Optical materials under LASER-radiation)
    Image of the LIDCOL-II setup without peripheral LASERs
  • measurement of ultra low absorption and absorption coefficients in bulk material or coatings
  • controlled energy input via pump-beam in measurement wavelength induces a thermal lens
  • measurement of the deflection of the probe-beam
  • minimal measurable absorption coefficient:
    • < 50W/cm in pump-beam wavelength for example fused silica
    • depends on material and wavelength
CRD (Cavity-Ring-Down) test site for characterisation of high reflective mirrors
    scheme of a CRD setup
  • loss (L) measurement for plane and concave
    (r ≥ 500mm) HR-mirrors
  • measurement of the decay characteristic of the energy of light stored within the cavity
  • determination of reflectivity (R) under the assumption that: R = 1-L
  • measurement range: R ≥ 99,900%
  • precision: dR⁄R < 2ppm (dependent on configuration)
  • measurement wavelength selectable by user
Inline colour measuring device FMG-IL1:
    Image of the Colour Measurement Device with PC and Graphical User Interface
  • for measuring within production or as laboratry equipment
  • full spectral measurement instead of (three-band) RGB-sensor
  • presetting and learning of target colour value
  • input and output in prevalent colour systems (L*a*b*, XYZ, ...)
  • high measuring frequency allows continuous monitoring
  • resolution: L* < 0.1 a*;b*;dE < 0.2
  • fully automated internal referencing of the light source
  • consists pf FMG-IL1 incl. white light source, power supply 24V/3A, Software
Colour Sensor FENSOR / SmartFS:
  • modular colour detection system in selective tasks and quality control of coloured goods
  • consists of measurement head, white light source, evaluation module, power supply, optional PC-interface
UV sensor technology
  • Application to control UV sources for biological and technical processes
  • UV-A sensor, UV-B sensor, UV-C sensor, UV-ABC sensor
  • UV index ascertainment
Light measurement systems
  • modular intelligent measuring optical sensor
  • V(λ)-sensor (transmission measurement from UV to IR) for determination of:
    • presence
    • layer thickness
    • concentration
  • spectral selective sensors or systems with customised spectral sensitivity curve
Luminescence and Fluorescence scanners
  • Customised sensors for the spectral range from UV to IR
  • detectors for optically stimulatable marker, adhesives and other optically active goods
Contrast and imprint scanners
  • Contrast scanners for recognition of imprints and printed marks
  • Evaluation with integrated controller
  • includes combined or external lighting at the sensor case
  • configuration as D.C. and pulsed light sensor